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History as a Place of Prayer and Meditation
Since 1939, the Little Brown Church (LBC) has been a rustic refuge for those seeking a moment of peace in the midst of the city.  The Reverend John Wells founded the church where people from all walks of life could find spiritual comfort. With great foresight, Rev. Wells built a chapel with doors that never closed.

Today, LBC’s chapel is always open for people who need to pray and meditate.  Many write out their prayers and leave them in the prayer box at the front of the chapel. It is impossible to know how many thousands of people have opened their hearts and bared their souls to the Divine over the years at LBC. What we do know is that many more will continue to seek wisdom, insight, and comfort for years to come as LBC’s history continues to unfold.

History as a Place of Worship
For decades, people came together for worship at LBC.  Through 1989, a dynamic congregation filled the chapel to overflowing.  Because of the need for space to grow, LBC merged with Central Christian Church in Van Nuys.  Together, the two congregations became CHURCH OF THE VALLEY (COV) and regular worship services shifted to the larger Van Nuys facility.

Today, people once again worship at LBC on Sundays  at 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The early morning service at LBC provides a more intimate worship experience in the small chapel, while the 10:30 AM service at COV blends creative worship styles in a larger space. Both services are places where God is honored and praised. Drop by on Sunday, and you too can become part of this great history.

History as a Place for Weddings and Other Special Occassions
Nearly 23,000 couples have been married at LBC  since the doors opened in 1939. Perhaps the most famous couple to be joined in the chapel were President Ronald and Nancy Reagan in 1952.  Today, people continue to add their names to the list of people who have pledged their faith and love to one another as part of LBC’s unfolding history.

In addition to weddings, LBC is a church where families celebrate Baby Dedications and say good-bye to loved ones with Memorial Services. We are also proud to perform same-sex unions and commitments.

Regardless of the event, LBC continues to make the meaningful moments of life a part of its ongoing history.

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